I Heart Ice Cream

Of all desserts in the world I’ve realized ice cream is my constant favorite. I always have ice cream in my freezer. Always. To the point that when every my parents would visit, my father would ask what type of ice cream I have because in his words “I know you have some in there”.

Here is a glimpse into my adventures in ice cream.

Pistachio Ice Cream

The pistachios are heated in the sugar and milk and then strained. Surprisingly the resulting ice cream is a subtle, not bright, green as one would expect from store bought pistachio ice creams. The last few pics are the leftover pistachios and the cookies I decided to make with them. The cookies turned out more like a biscotti and they were tasty too.

My next batch will likely be a take on the Homemade Brands Hawaiian Sundae ice cream which they no longer make. They sold this ice cream for a month or so, once every few years and it was so good that when one member of my extended family found it in a store, we would call the whole family to alert them to the location. I am determined to recreate it.