I Heart Ice Cream

Of all desserts in the world I’ve realized ice cream is my constant favorite. I always have ice cream in my freezer. Always. To the point that when every my parents would visit, my father would ask what type of ice cream I have because in his words “I know you have some in there”.

Here is a glimpse into my adventures in ice cream.

Pistachio Ice Cream

The pistachios are heated in the sugar and milk and then strained. Surprisingly the resulting ice cream is a subtle, not bright, green as one would expect from store bought pistachio ice creams. The last few pics are the leftover pistachios and the cookies I decided to make with them. The cookies turned out more like a biscotti and they were tasty too.

My next batch will likely be a take on the Homemade Brands Hawaiian Sundae ice cream which they no longer make. They sold this ice cream for a month or so, once every few years and it was so good that when one member of my extended family found it in a store, we would call the whole family to alert them to the location. I am determined to recreate it.

Molly’s Cupcakes
228 Bleeker St, New York, NY
Cupcake Prices: $3.75

It has been over 2 years since I last did an installment of The Cupcake Chronicles but I have been inspired. During an unscheduled trip to the West Village on a Saturday afternoon, I happened upon this little gem…..Molly’s Cupcakes. Located near the corner of Bleeker and Carmine, this shop is actually in one of my favorite areas of the West Village and snuck up out of nowhere.

I was first attracted to the store by the ingenious sign in the window and once inside I was greeted with one of the most fun environments for a bake shop.

It turns out that Molly’s Cupcakes was featured on The Food Networks Cupcake Wars. This actually wasn’t a selling point for me since I have never watched the show. The very pretty looking cupcakes was enough to get me going. Since my discovery I have been there SEVERAL times for research purposes. It’s a tough job but someone has to do it :)

Before I get to the cupcake reviews, I wanted to note that a part of their profits go to help local schools. ***BONUS!***

*** And as always THE DISCLAIMER: The views below are purely my opinion and based on my love of baked goods and personal preference. Your tastes are different and you may choose to agree or disagree

The verdict: .

Boston Cream

This cupcake is probably the closest they have to a basic-fancy cupcake….if that makes any sense. It’s a vanilla cake with a chocolate ganache frosting and boston cream inside. I must say that this one wasn’t one of my favorites. The chocolate ganache was a bit thick and fought against the softness of the cake. After being almost halfway through the cupcake I didn’t think there was a center filling. It seems the cream/custard filling sank to the bottom of the cake, as well as absorbed into the cake. I will note that I ate this at home so travel may have affected the outcome. For now, my rating is 2 cupcakes. I may try it again and eat it in the shop to see if I have a better experience.

Cake Batter

This one seems to be a favorite among the customers so I gave it a try. I started with the frosting. I’m not sure if it is classified as whipped cream or buttercream but it was light and airy which I liked. The center is filled with actual cake batter. A fun cupcake but again not a fav. Even though it’s injected, in my opinion, it really just feels like an undercooked cupcake. It’s one thing to lick it out of a bowl, it’s another to eat it in the middle of a cooked cupcake. It’s just not a textured I dig.

Pumpkin Spice

A seasonal cupcake. The cream cheese frosting is fantastic. One of the better I’ve had on any baked good. It was really smooth & light. The cake was moist with a nice balance of nutmeg & cinnamon. The marscapone filling was also a nice touch. I’d recommend this one if it’s in season

Peach Cobbler

This cupcake was actually the winning cupcake on Cupcake Wars. It features a really wonderful whip cream topping. The vanilla cake is light and moist but didn’t have a overpowering vanilla taste. My belief is it’s meant to meld with the filling. The filling is a peach puree which seemed to settle at the bottom of cupcake and absorb a bit. The peach flavor is light ad not a fake “peachy” flavor. I think the flavor will always be dependent on the flavor of the batch of peaches used. I found the brown sugar streusel to have a more distinct taste in the cupcake than the peach.

Apple Pie



Okay, in case you missed it, this one is my favorite. The 1st time I ate one I sang a line of “Jesus Loves Me”. No seriously, it goes “Jesus loves me, this I know. Because this cupcake tells me so…” This cupcake is magic!

Let’s start with the apple pie crust star and the whip cream frosting that tastes like cool whip but real and better. The cake is like a really moist apple muffin. It brings to mind a loaf bread and not so much a cupcake. I can taste the cinnamon and nutmeg but it’s not overpowering. Then you hit the center and realize there is an actual apple pie filling. Sweet Glory of America! It reminds me of a McDonald’s apple pie but chunkier and more amazing. It’s not too sweet yet just sweet enough. Seriously! I think I love this thing. TOP HONORS!!!

There are MANY more cupcakes on their menu, so I think I may need to sacrifice myself and do a bit more research ;)