Check out my latest design, the Diamond Jacket, in the upcoming Vogue Knitting 30th Anniversary Issue .

Diamond Jacket - Vogue Knitting 30th Anniversary

Vogue Knitting Fall 2012, photo by Rose Callahan

This Olympic journey has been something so far. While my projects have been way more successful than NBC’s lackluster coverage, I have had a few false starts.

I inadvertently started knitting with a different size needle than what was intended, so that was false start #1. After one more false start, I have now made some progress.


This is the start of the back and front panels. I’m slightly concerned that I won’t have enough yarn to make this with 3/4 length sleeves like I want but we’ll see. I’ve also started the cashmere handwarmers.

I’ve scheduled my denim event for next weekend so I hope be finished with the sweater by then.

After all this is over I have an idea for another cashmer version of this same sweater. I think I’ll sell both patterns. I haven’t done that in a while.

Olympic Dreams

Once upon a time I wanted to go to the Olympics. I began running track at age 8. I liked it. For a time I excelled at it. My parents would take us around the country to compete and I even got some of those “Pre-Olympic” training team letters. For a time, I aspired to that. But over time, you grow up and develop other interests. At 16 I realized I enjoyed it but not enough to put up with the grueling workouts and miss out on all the fun that I was missing to practice. By 18, I was done. I had a greater interest. College, computer graphics, and fashion. Gone by the wayside were my Olympic dreams.

Olympic Challenges

As I watch the 2012 Olympic Games, I recognize the hard work and effort that these athletes have put into getting to the Games. And while, that feat was never in the cards for me, I can join in the spirit of the games by having my own Olympic challenge. In previous years, knitters have come together to celebrate the games and “compete” in what were called the Knit Olympics or the Ravelympics. This year I want to go beyond this and have my own little “Mini Games”.

As Team Saun, I am going to compete in several events:

The Swatch, Design, Knit: where I attempt to design a sweater.

The Denim Marathon: where I make 2 pairs of denim in a weekend.

The Handwarmer Knit, Dip, & Dye: where I knit 2 pair of handwarmers and dye them.

I am starting as I watch the Opening Ceremonies and hope to finish it all by the Closing Ceremonies. Will I make it? Stay tuned to find out. I plan to post regular updates.

So what are you doing during these Olympic Games?

I Heart Ice Cream

Of all desserts in the world I’ve realized ice cream is my constant favorite. I always have ice cream in my freezer. Always. To the point that when every my parents would visit, my father would ask what type of ice cream I have because in his words “I know you have some in there”.

Here is a glimpse into my adventures in ice cream.

Pistachio Ice Cream

The pistachios are heated in the sugar and milk and then strained. Surprisingly the resulting ice cream is a subtle, not bright, green as one would expect from store bought pistachio ice creams. The last few pics are the leftover pistachios and the cookies I decided to make with them. The cookies turned out more like a biscotti and they were tasty too.

My next batch will likely be a take on the Homemade Brands Hawaiian Sundae ice cream which they no longer make. They sold this ice cream for a month or so, once every few years and it was so good that when one member of my extended family found it in a store, we would call the whole family to alert them to the location. I am determined to recreate it.

New Beginnings::

Where to begin… I got a new job.

Now the backstory….

Over the past few years, I’ve been on a journey to find my place in the fashion world. I came to NYC, got a fashion degree, and immediately started looking for work in fashion. While one wants to find a dream job the reality is that you find work so you can survive. And with this economy you can find yourself compromising a lot.

That said, I spent the past few years working in “technical design”. It’s less about design and more about fit and construction. I will say that I learned a lot and honed my skills, but after some time I realized this was not my dream, and in the end, not what I wanted to do every day for the rest of my life. So I back tracked. I’ve gone back to a world that is more technical, analysis, and project oriented. Gladly it’s still in the fashion industry and I think this will play better to my strengths in fashion & technology and make for a better long term career. And the added bonus, it will also allow me to focus on my own pursuits in my after hours.

What I Learned About The Fashion Game::

I usually shy away from talking about my day job but just this once I’m going to give some tidbits on my experience and share some of the interesting things I’ve learned along the way.

* Fashion really is not as glamorous as tv makes it seem *
Fashion is only glamorous for the head designer, celebrities, and the people in PR & marketing. Everyone else is working, and working hard long hours for no money. Unless you own your company, or are really high up, you make squat. Maybe less than squat. You get no credit, no invites to shows or parties, no love. You have to do it because you love it.

* A lot of people that work in fashion don’t actually like fashion *
To me, fashion is about art. For most, fashion is about what they like to wear. The most amazing thing I witnessed is that people in fashion don’t read the magazines, follow the trends, go to shows, etc. They don’t make their own clothes or craft their own look. They really just like to shop. And somewhere along the way it seems that the only requirement to be in fashion is a good shopping sense and the ability to copy the few people that actually do design from an art perspective.

* Fashion is where insecure people come to roost *
If you have insecurities about your body or your look, you would think that you would avoid a career that focuses on these things. That couldn’t be further from the reality.

* Fashion is filled with a whole lot of nice people, and just a couple assholes *
I try to refrain from profanity in print but that word embodies the sentiment perfectly. In all my time in fashion school, internships, freelancing, and working I discovered that most people in the fashion industry are very nice people. So much so that initially you’ll think someone is playing a trick. For instance, the head designer at my last job was a woman with a whole lot of power and influence but she was an absolutely wonderful person. She could be serious when need be but really pleasant and would hold a conversation with you about any random thing.

Now on the flip side, there are 1 or 2 assholes that can ruin the whole experience. The reality is that they are genuinely awful human beings. Miserably awful people. Awful people who will go out of their way to crap on you because you recognize they are awful people and want nothing to do with them. Like the person that barely talked to me in the first place, that went out of their way to let me know they were giving me the silent treatment because I forgot to say hello one day right after my grandfather passed. Because regardless of what I was going through, saying hello should always be my priority. Yep…that type of awful

So those are the highlights.

I’m happy to say I’ll be able to start focusing on my own work with a clear creative head. I’m really looking forward to it. As I get back into things, you follow my creative process and other random stuff on tumblr, twitter, goodreads, and pinterest.